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Boosting the scientific excellence and innovation capacity of 3D printing methods in pandemic period – BRIGHT

About the project

The aim of the BRIGHT-project is Boosting the scientific excellence and innovation capacity of 3D printing methods in pandemic period. The project specific objectives are related to teaching resources and methods for professors coming from the Higher Education institutions that are interested to find ways in providing their students relevant knowledge, skills and competences in the field of 3D printing methods used for producing medical parts in pandemic period

Project number: 2020-1-RO01-KA226-HE-095517
Program: Erasmus +
Key activity: Strategic Partnership

Start of the project :01/03/2021
End of the project:30/06/2023

Budget: 187.480,00 EUR (UNIPU: 30.667,00 EUR)

Main outputs

  1. BRIGHT curriculum / support courses related to the objective.
  2. BRIGHT e-toolkit manual for digital learning (correlated with the support courses)
  3. BRIGHT e-learning virtual laboratory platform for developing,  producing and testing medical parts by 3D printing (in correlation with the support courses and the toolkit).
  4. BRIGHT e-learning webinars on the use of 3D printing technologies in development, producing and testing of medical parts in pandemic period (video that shows in details all stages that are required to be fulfilled in the Rapid product development of a medical part by 3D printing - the videos are correlated with the support courses, toolkit and examples provided for teaching purposes on the e-virtual laboratory platform.
  5. BRIGHT e-case studies for project based learning method used in developing, testing and manufacturing of new medical products by 3D printing technologies in pandemic period (case studies are launched on the e-platform of BRIGHT project so professors and students can use the resources provided so far (i-iv) for developing, producing and testing of medical parts that are coming from medical sector, in cooperation with BRIGHT consortium and support of the SMEs)


  • Project Coordinator: Universitatea Technica Cluj Napoca - UTCLUJ NAPOCA (Romania)
  • Juraj Dobrila University in Pula (Croatia)
  • Univerzitet u Nišu (Serbia)
  • Slovenska Technicka Univerzita v Bratislave (Slovakia)
  • Politechnica Poznanska (Poland)
  • BIZCOM s.r.o. (Slovakia)
  • B.M. Plast d.o.o. (Croatia)

Official project website: