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Staff mobility testimonials

In September 2016 we visited Hayastan, the land of Haik'as. Armenians accepted Christianity already in the early 4th century. Armenia has a population of 3 million, it has 10 counties plus the capital city of Yerevan.

Professor Robert Zenzerović and I have had the opportunity to visit Israel and our Erasmus+ host College of Management Academic Studies (COMAS) in Rishon LeZion, one of the most prestigious and top-ranked higher education institutions in Israel, in June 2016.

Author: Ivica Petrinić
To visit a „start-up nation“ is a unique experience. To feel from the first hand the dynamics and energy of creation in one highly multicultural society enriched me both on the professional as well as on the personal plan. Therefore, I suggest to all students and staff to involve in mobility programs and with dedicated work and initiative get the new insights in other environments.

Author: Ivica Petrinić
Meeting people on the other side of the world, grown in a different environment, culture and religion who have experienced your same life lessons – is priceless! Erasmus trips are an opportunity for growth, learning, having fun, making new friends... Israel inspires with its sparkling enthusiasm and persistence - highly recommended!