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In the last 10 years, data storage in the cloud has become a standard adopted by all stakeholders in the educational ecosystem. The collection of data on pupils and students and their analysis result in useful information that leads to the improvement of the educational process.

However, as the aforementioned data is collected, processed and managed on third-party servers, there is a risk of their unauthorized use, manipulation, and leakage. The SPADATAS project is aimed at the acquisition of digital competencies of students and teachers in schools related to the protection, privacy and confidentiality of data in the cloud and their responsible use. Thus, the project aims to provide 1) understanding and awareness to primary and secondary schools about what data-driven and decision-making imply for an educational institution, 2) which problems about data fragility are related to current educational technology and data academic management, and 3) provide tools and frameworks to protect privacy, security, and confidentiality of student’s data.

UNIPU team

Expected project results

  1. development of open and public web tools for data fragility awareness, auto-assessment and data treatment processes mapping regarding data privacy and security treatment processes in primary and secondary schools;
  2. conducting data fragility awareness workshops;
  3. development of a website and releasing a handbook of categorized good practices regarding data academic management to implement effective processes, or improve current, in primary and secondary schools to help protect the data privacy, security, and confidentiality of students, in collaboration with the communities and associations of a region and under the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation. The expected results will be twofold: on the one hand, build a digital platform for auto-assessment on data treatment regarding data privacy and security of students; on the other hand, publish resources focused on data privacy, security, and confidentiality of student’s data to help any kind of educational institution the implementation of data treatment processes to reduce privacy and security issues.

Length of project (dates):

  • 01.10.2022.-31.03.2025.

Full project’s budget: 249.478 EUR

UNIPU budget: 26.954 EUR

Number of the project: KA220-SCH-BC2B6390, Erasmus+


Project partners:

  • Ramon Llull University,
  • University of Salamanca,
  • Juraj Dobrila University of Pula,
  • University of Maribor,
  • University of South Denmark,
  • Ørestad Gymnasium,
  • First Elementary School Čakovec​​​​