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Instructions for registering and cancellations from the exam

The instructions show how to register and cancel from the exam.

Login to the STUDOMAT on the link below (login with AAI@EduHr username: username@unipu.hr):

Studomat is a module of the Information System of Higher Education Institutions (ISVU) intended for students.

Picture 1. Login to Studomat module

First you need to select the display language on the Studomat. The second image shows the interface language change to English.

Picture 2. Choosing the language

After that, in the Exams menu, you need to select the Schedule an exam option and select the course you want to apply for.

All courses are written on Croatian Language, but English/Italian name of the course you can find on the link in continuation for each University constituent:

Picture 3. Registration for exam

For each exam you need to choose deadline. Each student have two exams deadline for each course per semester.

Picture 4: Choosing the deadline for taking the exam

The exam has been registered. You will be notified of the exam registration.

Picture 5. Exam registration notice

If you want to cancel the exam, you need to click on Cancel an exam, then on the Cancel exam button.

Picture 6. Cancellation of the exam

In the next step, you need to confirm the exam cancellation by clicking Yes.

Picture 7. Exam cancellation confirmation

You will be notified of the exam cancellation.

Picture 8. Exam cancellation notice